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Be slrn2mail

Version: 1.1
Ported by: Lars Düning
Screenshot: (none)
Release Date: 24. Dec 2000

Requires BeOS version: R4
License: Public Domain
Cost: -
Source Available: Yes

Download (http) (2KB) from Bearnip (US).
MD5Sum: a18dc0e8ad91e9561e5672d662a13fe8


slrn is a powerful terminal-based newsreader for BeOS. Its setup is described in this tip, with one exception: the tip only describes how to configure slrn to send mail online, but leaves the offline users out in the cold.

This small script "slrn-mail" solves this problem at least for owners of Mail-It 2.x. Copy the script into the directory /boot/home/config/bin, and add the following two instructions to your .slrnrc file:

  set reply_custom_headers "Date: %d\nMIME-Version: 1.0\nContent-Type: text/plain; charset=\"ISO-8859-1\"\nX-Msgid: %m\n"
  set sendmail_command "/boot/home/config/bin/slrn-mail your-account"
For your-account enter the name you gave your mail-account in Mail-It.

Known problems:

Thanks go to Scot Hacker who pointed out a number of irregularities, and Helge Philipp who found the problem with forwarding a posting as mail.
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