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LDMud 3.2.9 for BeOS

Version: 3.2.9
Ported by: Lars Düning
Screenshot: (none)
Release Date: 02. Feb 2003

Requires BeOS version: R5
License: Free Software
Cost: -
Source Available: Yes

Download the binary archives (1 MB) from:
- Bearnip (US) by HTTP: PowerPC and x86.
Download the source archive:
- as .tar.gz (2.7 MB) from Bearnip (US) by HTTP.
- as .zip (3.3 MB) from Bearnip (US) by HTTP.

Newer releases are not available in binary form - see the LDMud homepage for the source archives.
MD5Sum - PowerPC: 029de72adcce31be51e69cc382f7197a
MD5Sum - x86: e2c15b40aac4ee6591197ad534bb1f5c
MD5Sum - Source: 27f1f3ccd7827bd9a3ac11898d2a2cd9
MD5Sum - Source: 36686e84ad56e2c5d64ba9817933aa47 ldmud-329.tar.gz


This is the LDMud gamedriver, compiled for BeOS. The binary archive contains the executables for PowerPC resp. Intel x86, compiled for cross-compat mode and for compat-mode, as well as documentation. The sources are available in a separate archive.

LDMud is an improvement of the old LPmud gamedriver, originally written by Lars Pensjø and Jörn Rennecke, with contributions from many others. For more information look at its own page.

Important: The x86 executables have been cross compiled and only minimally tested.

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