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Be cdrecord 1.9 for BeOS

Version: 1.9
Ported by: Lars Düning and Philippe Houdoin
E-mail (PPC):
E-mail (x86):
Screenshot: (none)
Release Date: 30. July 2000

Requires BeOS version: R5
License: Free Software
Cost: -
Source Available: Yes

Download cdrecord for PowerPC (http) (368KB) from Bearnip (US).
Download cdrecord for x86 (http) (498KB) from Bearnip (US).
MD5Sum - PPC: 19e3b74a83e7691c6c78febcbd738b15
MD5Sum - x86: b18d135c2ed6cff76464a92c79b63c11


cdrecord is a package of versatile, but somewhat cryptic-to-use commandline programs to master and burn CDs in various formats.

This archive contains the cdrecord executables compiled for BeOS/PowerPC (by Lars Düning) resp. BeOS/x86 (by Philippe Houdoin), plus the diff-file with the changes to the original source.

cdrecord is written and maintained by Jörg Schilling, the most recent sources of cdrecord are available on his site.

On BeBits you can also find a number of applications building upon cdrecord, e.g. WriteCD. Introductions into the use of cdrecord are available on BeNews and, of course, on the Be Tip Server.

This software is provided as-is, and no guarantee whatsoever is given for completeness, correctness or anything else. Use at your own risk.

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