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One day I got bored of just programming and decided to pick up a more "creative" hobby as well. Roleplaying always interested me, but given my irregular schedules a face-to-face group was impractical. Enter alt.starfleet.rpg and its SciFi roleplay by email/news. Though I intended to play just one character, things happened and one character became three, then six...

Inevitably, I stretched myself too thin, and the backlash came in form of a year-long hiatus. I returned for a short stint on the USS CIRCE, but eventually that fell by the wayside as well. I am now just a happy reader.


1LT Rhys Sigbjoernsen

(Biography) A somewhat introverted Corellan who loves the outdoors, but is also dedicated to his job - despite his secret amusement about the rules and traditions of the SFMC.
Assignment: USS CIRCE

SGTM Qu'ra, Daughter of Monakh

(Biography) A Klingon serving with the Starfleet Marine Corps, she's a straggler between worlds.
Assignment: Point Gideon Station

CDR Melina DeBraye

(Biography) This tough-as-nails Fresnian would have been a good candidate for the corps, except for her temper and the fact that she doesn't take orders well.
Assignment: CO, USS KUSANAGI

LT Lance "Errol" Flynn

(Biography) If Starfleet were a Swashbuckler movie, Lance would be its star. But even so, he does his best to do his job with as much panache as possible.
Assignment: TAC, USS AJAX

RADM Nightear to-Imaiai

(Biography) This mischieveous cat started out as a mere NPC in Rhys' biography, but she took on a life of her own, and when the call for first an ALB instructor and then the ALBADJ was heard, she answered it.
Assignment: ALBADJ, Armstrong Lunar Base

LT Druur Ki Mtak

(Biography) Definitely alien, she's an engineer through and through.
Assignment: Point Gideon Station

Viggen Sorenson

(Biography) A roving journalists, he tends to find himself in the middle of exciting events.
Assignment: USS LEDA


(Biography) Viggen Sorenson's pet rock.
Assignment: USS LEDA


For the time being, I have resigned from all official tasks.
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